About Us

GivingWorks is a UK registered charity set up to encourage both individuals and businesses to get involved in philanthropy. The organisation offers a range of support services which allow philanthropists to 'give' more effectively. Specifically the charitable status that GivingWorks enjoys can be used as an 'umbrella' for the creation of virtual charitable foundations (what we call “micro-trusts”) and giving clubs. Furthermore GivingWorks provides the administrative back-up and financial reporting that such schemes require, allowing users to focus on maximising the impact of their donations.

GivingWorks recognises that many people are generous by nature and really do wish to contribute to the causes they believe in. We also recognise that many of those causes may not be well served by existing charitable organisations. In addition, the cause may be disqualified from receiving Gift Aid if the donee charities are based overseas.

Furthermore we understand that setting up and running a charitable trust can be an extremely time consuming and potentially expensive exercise for an individual or a business to take on. That is why the GivingWorks service takes on the legal and administrative burden for you, allowing you to focus on how your money can be used to make the maximum impact.

GivingWorks is governed by a group of directors and trustees, and supported by an executive team.