Case Studies : Gary and Rachael Tuffield’s story

The Cause: 
Determined to take something positive from the terrible personal tragedy of losing their son Oscar during his birth, Gary and Rachael founded The Oscar Foundation in March 2010 to do as much as they could in his memory. The Oscar Foundation reflects Gary and Rachael’s belief that life is about opportunity – and the reality that life doesn’t always offer much opportunity to children. Gary and Rachael are committed to helping build better lives for children both in the UK and in the developing world.
The Project: 
Working with GivingWorks, the Foundation aims to provide services and necessary equipment for sick and homeless children – from state-of-the-art medical technology, to emergency funding for life-saving treatment, to much-needed homes for those left abandoned in the streets.
The Results: 
In its early stages, the Foundation has raised over £50,000 through a wide range of fund-raising activities, with many more planned for the future. Gary and Rachael are involved in discussions with providers of care from local children’s hospices in Kent to a church organisation in North East India with the aim of building an orphanage. Rachael says: “Through Gary’s work, we’ve known GivingWorks for some time and admired the energy they put into getting people involved. Put that together with our own complete determination and commitment, and I’m quite certain that The Oscar Foundation will make a real difference.”