How it all works - step 1 Planning

The first step is all about planning what you want to achieve through your charitable foundation and how you want to achieve it. GivingWorks helps you to do this:

  • Complete the Pre-Sign up form (which is available to download from our Resources section) to set out the objectives for your micro-trust, and email it to us via info [at] givingworks [dot] org [dot] uk. Alternatively you can mail it to us at the address which appears in our Contact section.

  • At this stage you should consider the size of the fund you wish to create and how long you will want it to run for.

  • GivingWorks will then contact you to discuss and agree these charitable objectives with you prior to establishing your micro-trust.

  • Once agreed, you will be sent a GivingWorks micro-trust agreement and Gift Aid declaration form to fill in and sign.

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