How it all works - step 4 Support

GivingWorks can provide you with whatever levels of support you need to make your charitable foundation function effectively:

  • In addition to providing trustees for your micro-trust GivingWorks will help you to check the validity of any charitable cause you wish to give to from your micro-trust, so that we can try to ensure that your money is spent properly and effectively.

  • Our support services go much further than this however. Whatever the issues and challenges your own cause faces, we’ve almost certainly come across them before and if we don’t know how to deal with them we’ll know someone who does. Our job is to help you make sure you achieve as much as possible with your money.

  • Furthermore, by working through GivingWorks you can ensure whatever level of anonymity you desire, and your name will not be added to the mailing lists used by many charities to ask for donations to their causes.

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