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As well as providing the legal, financial and governance infrastructure you need to create and run your own charitable foundation, GivingWorks offers you a complete administrative and reporting service. This leaves you free to concentrate on your involvement with your chosen charitable causes and grant-making projects and direct us in how best to support your goals.

GivingWorks can also offer a wealth of knowledge in other aspects of charitable giving. For example, you may wish to talk with fellow philanthropists about their experiences. You might need help finding out about the most effective charities and organisations to give to or support. Or perhaps you want advice on a strategic long-term view of your overall philanthropic aims and how they are best achieved. Through our network of contacts and consultants we will be able to guide you. We are here to help you give more effectively.

Whether you come to us as a private individual or a business, and whatever the charitable causes you believe in, we can help you. Subject to our application process, GivingWorks will establish your foundation to enable you to increase your charitable giving and effectiveness and ensure that your funds are being managed professionally.

Setting up and maintaining a charitable foundation on your own can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive operation, similar to the founding and running of a new company.Our team of trustees and charity professionals knows your priority is charity, not company bureaucracy. That’s why GivingWorks deals with the establishment, administrative, legal and financial aspects of your foundation, leaving you to focus on how best to support your charitable projects or chosen good causes.In addition, our team claims Gift Aid on donations made by eligible UK taxpayers at the basic rate (currently 25%) and adds it to your account, allowing your foundation to extend its financial support even further.

Most companies and corporations engage in ad hoc charitable activity every year, but sometimes that isn’t enough. GivingWorks enables businesses to formalise philanthropic programs so they can provide ongoing support to chosen causes.Businesses with foundations also benefit from a reduction in corporation tax by having the option to donate profits to the foundation’s charitable projects.We know you already have mountains of business bureaucracy to deal with. That’s why the GivingWorks team has over 20 years of experience in handling the administration, legal and governance aspects of charitable foundations – so you don’t have to!